The Musician’s Club

There seems to be a club for everything here.  Peter is a member of the the Society of Beer Advocates- SOBA, and ironically, with a Kiwi accent is pronounced the same as “sober.”  This club gets together once a month to taste beer and talk about beer.  Both of us recently became members of the Whanganui Musician’s Club.  As members, we get a discounted admission to the big monthly music event at an old hall called the Savage Club.  The inside of the hall is adorned with politically incorrect portraits of old Pakeha (white people) and Maoris dressed like “savages” and has carved wood beams, painted red, making it feel like the inside of a Marae (Maori meeting house). The whole town gathers at this event to listen to live music and enjoy being out with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.  We tend to go every month.  It’s always an interesting mix of music, most is open-mic but there is also usually a headliner from out of town.

When Peter and I joined the club, I was invited to play my mandolin with a country band called “Just Us.”  I began practicing with them once a week before the big performance on the December music night themed “A Country Christmas.” We practiced three songs and an encore of Feliz Navidad just in case we were called back up.   There were a lot of good acts that night including a mandolin and guitar duo “Gazebo Girls” and the headliner group “Hobnail” who played some familiar covers and whose hot fiddle player gave the place an exciting energy.

My band didn’t get called back for an encore, but we did get a bunch of people up and dancing.  We played “Mind Your Own Business” by Hank Williams, Freddy Fender’s “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” and a relaxed version of “Dance The Night Away” by The Mavericks.

This post has two songs to go with it, since I couldn’t decide on one…

This is one of the tunes my band played, imagine a mandolin solo in place of the Spanish verse:

Freddy Fender- Before the Next Teardrop Falls

I have been listening to this group a lot lately, a Swedish country band, and surprisingly the Hobnails covered one of their songs on music night, here it is:

First Aid Kit- Emmylou


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I write about my travel experiences and relate them to songs I already know, or have just heard or learned on the way. Listen along!
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  1. David Leussler says:

    Cool. I want more description of the portraits. Who are they? Are they serious? What’s the history behind them?

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