Musical Minnesota Moment #1

My first weekend back in Minneapolis was timed just right.  I had flown in just before the weekend of the Backyard Booyah.  My dear friend Neal was releasing his first album and was throwing a huge musical get-together in his backyard.  They had planned to make a huge vat of pozole, a spicy, tomato-y based soup with pork and hominy, a.k.a. a “booyah”.  Amanda had prepared a Mexican style feast of roasted corn and elote fixings, tacos, salsas, fresh avocado and lime.  This was something I missed in New Zealand.  But even more than Mexican food, I had missed all my Minnesota people, and there were so many great friends there to greet while communing over food and music.

Imagine a hot Minnesota afternoon.  A gentle humid breeze.  Banjos ringing, fiddles humming, and guitars belting out their sweet rhythmic twang.  There was more than one guest appearance on keyboard, harmonicas whistling in the wind and of course, there were mandolins.  Mix it all up with good company and homebrew and we had ourselves a Booyah.  Except for there was no great big pot of pozole… it was just too hot for soup.  But I suppose that the variety of musical acts combined with one another to produce their own type of stew.  Made up of harmoniddles, guitarkeys and banjolins, all reverberating in the thick June air.  Maybe the term “booyah” will come to refer to any type of music mix-up from now on.  After all, music is the chicken broth of community.

Here is a song by the man himself, Neal Swanger.

Neal Swanger- Shotgun

About wanderingsoundtrack

I write about my travel experiences and relate them to songs I already know, or have just heard or learned on the way. Listen along!
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1 Response to Musical Minnesota Moment #1

  1. David says:

    Making me hungry (for music.)

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