Circling the Earth to Minnesota

It was June 4th and I was on my way back to Minnesota for many reasons.  When we decided not to teach in Korea anymore, I committed to being the Dance Coordinator at Danebod.  I also committed to teaching classes at Leonardo’s Basement during at least the month of July.  But aside from that I was coming home to see my family and friends, circling half-way around the earth, and I had big news to share.

I said goodbye to Peter in Sydney and boarded a plane headed back in time across the international dateline.  I eventually arrived at the MSP airport about 24 hours later but strangely on the same day I had left Sydney.  My mom found me in the baggage claim and we found my dad who had been circling outside in the van, waiting.  He drove a familiar route, 62 to Cedar Ave, back to the house I grew up in and as we sat around my parent’s kitchen table, I told them the big news.  I had just found out a few weeks before that I was pregnant.  Sometime in January, 2013, Peter and I would become parents!  Dave and Marcy were exited to be grandparents.

Minneapolis was filled with hugs and congratulations from everyone.  Not only was it so great to see my dear friends and family, it was wonderful to share this big news in person.  There was even an early baby shower thrown in my honor by the ladies of Danebod, who of course spontaneously burst into song.  The sang “Babies are born in the Circle of the Sun” and it was so full of love and encouragement.

Now, I am back in New Zealand with Peter, trying to figure out where we will be to have this baby.  That news will come later when we find out ourselves.  For now, look forward to more musical Minnesota posts and a new New Zealand soundtrack.

The video of the ladies singing “Circle of the Sun” is somewhere on facebook.  Here is a recording I found, lyrics by Sally Rogers.

Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers- Circle of the Sun


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I write about my travel experiences and relate them to songs I already know, or have just heard or learned on the way. Listen along!
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  1. David says:

    The kiwi heard ’round the world.

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