The News is New Zealand

There has been a change in the plans for Peter and me. As many of you have found out, our plans to teach in Korea have been cancelled. It’s a bit complicated, but ultimately what we have decided to do is come back and look for jobs in New Zealand. In fact, Peter has already been offered a job! He will be starting a social work position in Whanganui working with children and families in the next couple of weeks.  We’re very excited. Here are some things we’re looking forward to enjoying in Aotearoa- the land of the long white cloud:

The beauty of the whenua (land). Flying in to Auckland and looking out, you can see three shades of green. The fields, the forest and the sea.   Not to mention the mountains, rivers, and hills speckled with sheep.

Blossoming Puhutukawa trees.  These trees are native to New Zealand and found nowhere else.  Also known as the NZ Christmas tree because they bloom during the summer solstice which is late December in the southern hemisphere.

Public bathrooms everywhere.  This is actually really nice and convenient, especially after coming from Thailand.  And many are adorned with murals or mosaics.

The absence of snakes or large predatory mammals.  Really they don’t have any.  At all.  Although it is home to many kinds of rare flightless birds like the Kiwi and the Weka.

Flat whites.  The delicious coffee drink we enjoy quite often.  Somewhere between a latte and cappuccino.  Still not really sure the secret behind it, but oh so good.

As for me, I will be wwoofing around for now on different organic farms while looking for jobs in or close to Whanganui.  Keep reading for more details 🙂

This song is by a band formed in Wellington with many Pacific Island musical influences. Peter and I are glad to be skankin’ together (for those who don’t know skank is a kind of dance) in New Zealand on yet another adventure.

Fat Freddy’s Drop- Roady


About wanderingsoundtrack

I write about my travel experiences and relate them to songs I already know, or have just heard or learned on the way. Listen along!
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3 Responses to The News is New Zealand

  1. Scott says:

    Yummy, Flat Whites…I was a fan of the long blacks when down under.

  2. Shira Schwartz says:

    Wow–New Zealand looks and sounds just wonderful! How long are you going to be there? Maybe we should all come visit! (I’m referring to June campers!)…and by the way, Val, are you going to be at camp still? I haven’t been on FB for a long time, so I’ve missed the chatter. You know we are expecting a new grandson on June 17th (or thereabouts), so I may not be at camp. You will have to bring some of this unique music to Danebod. Enjoy this paradise and good luck with your new plans! XOXO Shira

  3. Nancy Leussler says:


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